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RECENT AWARD - Esra was awarded ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2013 by the VLU-Mpumalanga. The image below is of Esra with Rina Potgieter, Presidente of VLU-Mpumalanga, & Mandie Steenkamp, the previous Presidente of VLU-Mpumalanga.

Speech delivered by Esra Bosch upon receipt of a tribute by Vroue Landbou Unie Mpumalanga for her role as Artist of the Year, 2012:

The scent of clay, the sensation of clay, the thud of clay being thrown onto a wheel, the clear sound of two fired pots, fresh from the kiln, softly knocking against each other. The language of clay which my parents, Esias and Valerie Bosch, shared with me since my birth in 1951. These are the impressions which my memories are made of.

What good fortune to be raised in such an environment. My childhood was a colourful storybook with pages filled with creative impressions. I had the privilege of witnessing a father captivated by form and glaze, who worked all hours to achieve his dreams, who studied ceramics from every angle, experimented endlessly, to eventually become a master potter.

My parents didn’t interfere with my plans for the future. I matriculated at the Rob Ferreira High School in White River in 1969, worked for a year with my father in the studio, and left for Stellenbosch University. A B.A.-degree was followed by several years as a veterinary nurse at Onderstepoort. In 1983 I relocated back to the Lowveld and in 1985 I began work in all earnestness at the Bosch Studio, approximately 6 kilometres from the small town of White River, to join my father and my brother Anton. On the rocky outcrop – which we call Die Randjie - where I started my ceramics career, I live and work to this day.

Esias and Anton had an impressive work ethic - and such creative energy! They taught me all I know today as far as practical issues around pottery, exposure to the many dimensions of raw materials, techniques, approaches, clay-recipes, recipes of glazes and kilns are concerned. In short, I became an apprentice to two highly qualified potters who taught me how to approach every single aspect related to a fully functioning ceramic studio.

My Mother, Valerie, died in 1992 and my father passed away in 2010 at the age of 86. Anton is a celebrated and well known ceramist who runs a pottery with his wife, artist Hanlie Bosch. Their studio is situated a few kilometres from mine. My sister, Andre Eva Bosch, is a journalist and author who lives in Cape Town.

My father was undoubtedly the largest influence on my career as a potter. His legacy has had a profound influence on me. He taught me to utilise each day. I hope to be able to work until the end – as he did.

He knew his materials intimately. He was remarkably innovative - and he eliminated everything which interrupted his precious creative hours. My days in the studio are filled with activity. With the help of two assistants, I mix my own clay and glazes and every item is handmade – either moulded or on a wheel. I decorate each item myself.

I sell my work at my studio, and visitors are welcome”.

MAGAZINE ARTICLES - Below follow a series of articles that have been scanned from magazines that date back to the 1980’s - documenting the lives of Esra and her family. Click on each thumbnail to open a new screen in which the PDF of each article can be viewed: