On this page a selection of Esra’s servers, dishes, plates, bowls, vases, jugs, tiles and oil lamps are displayed. Please note that these images only serve as a brief overview of some of the products and design/decoration ranges available. Custom orders can also be placed during negotiations with Esra.

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Feel free to contact Esra for more information, or visit the Bosch showroom for a guided tour. For more information on how to order items without having to visit the studio, please click here to visit the ordering information page.

  • Esra’s handmade vessels are food safe, lead free and non-toxic.
  • The ceramics and glazes are heat resistant, but not oven-proof.
  • They are also dishwaser safe, microwave safe and exceptionally durable.
  • All oil lamps are supplied with special fibre-glass wicks to ensure hundreds of burning hours.
  • Decorative tiles are scuff-resistant, making them ideal for all applications from floor to ceiling, even outdoors.